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Welcome to Wiredguide!

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Safe and secure computing. Computer security resources.
What causes computer problems?
Guide to installing flash games on my site?
What are web browsers?
What's A Blog?
How can I share my photos on the internet?
How do I copy & paste?
Guide to downloading and opening a file?
How do I open my email attachment?
How do I choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Which wireless technology is right for me?
Where can I find Apple Mac Resources?
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Wiredguide is a beginner's guide to computer help and the internet. If you or a loved one need help finding PC or Mac computer resources, tutorials and tips, then this beginner resource guide can help! 

We've searched the internet for easy to understand support articles, tutorials,instruction and beginner guides written for new computer users on computing subjects ranging from email, to web browsers. We've included PC and Apple Mac resources including a link to Apple for convenient access to shop apps for  Top free apps on the App Store , a page about safe and secure computing with information about malware and computer viruses, a page with computer terms and tips,  and have also partnered with Amazon and included an Amazon store to make it easier for you to shop for your favorite computer electronics and wireless gadgets! 

Once you leave this site to follow one of the links on any of these pages, use the BACK button in your browser to get back to this site.

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Marketing your own website
Search Engine Submission.


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Argyle Cabinetry Calc Apps
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I encourage and welcome ALL feedback! If you were looking for something specific and didn't find it here, click here to send an email to me. I f you found a link that you think would be useful to share, email me the link and I will add it. This website is meant to be helpful, if it isn't, I need to know. If you aren't comfortable emailing me directly, you may use our feedback form by clicking here.

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