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Mac Resources

On this page, we've attempted to distinguish these links as places that offer tools, software downloads, updates, manufacturer's technical support sites, etc.

Enhance security on your Mac with Hands Off!

Vincent Danen has shored up security on his Mac with the monitoring application Little Snitch, but he has found another security watchdog that he likes even better called, Hands Off! Read more



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Apple  - the site to visit for all matters relating to your Macintosh. Here are some of the more useful Apple links. Apple Support Information; Apple's Education Information.

Argyle Calc and Radius Calc - Apple Software for iphone, ipad and ipod - Argyle Cabinetry, owned by my brother, Norman Lucia is developing Apple software for contractors. 

4allmemory.com offers high-quality RAM upgrades for all PowerMac, MacBook, and Mac Pro platforms.

Applelinks.com - a comprehensive site of Macintosh News and Links, all in an easy-to-use, well organized format. Links to everything Macintosh, including internet and HTML resources, shareware, troubleshooting, programming, hardware and software vendors, and anything else Mac you can imagine, right there at your fingertips. 

Focus on Mac Support - Dave Merten at the Mining Company offers great Macintosh info and links. His article on Macintosh memory is very informative.

FreePPP - Current version of PPP dial-up client for download with installation instructions.

HyperStudio - HyperStudio Updaters, sample projects, add-ons for the Net, and Tips.

Low End Mac - make the most of those older Macs.

MacAssistant -  is dedicated to offering tutorials for Macintosh programs. He also has links to other great tutorials like Email programs, One Click, & MacLinkPlus.

Maccentric - a great place to keep up to date with Mac news.

MacFixIt - troubleshooting solutions for the Macintosh with late-breaking items, archives, forums and in-depth reports.

Mac News Network - Links to online articles relating to everything  Macintosh. Also has a variety of Macintosh related links like Apple, Imac, Opinion, Reviews, Games, News Powerbook & misc.

Macnologist.com - an interesting mac-only site that offers forums,  Mac jobs, Mac sites, and a Mac search engine (Mahoo).

MacInTouch - The original Mac news and information site since 1994.

Running Windows on a Mac info - a site dedicated to cross-platforming news, bug reporting tips and products.


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