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Search Engines

Your current Home Page is more than likely a search engine page. But, there are many more search engines available as well. Why? Each search engine has a slightly different method of sorting through the massive amount of data on the internet. To see what I mean, go to a few different search links listed here and do a search for the same word - for example, HOBBIES. You'll notice that you get a different set of results in different order from each of the engines. Each search engine generally has a link to searching tips that will help you narrow down your results so that you find what you're looking for. There are also search engines that search the major search engines. We like to use WebCrawler and WebFerret. 


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Global Mojo - A Web Browser for the Socially Conscious! - You're already surfing the web. Did you know you're generating revenue as you browse, search and shop? Now you can make a positive difference at the same time. It's easy with GlobalMojo, the Internet's first browser to donates 50% of its gross revenue to causes chosen by its users. Just download the free GlobalMojo web browser, choose your cause and browse the Web like you are right now.

Globalmojo Browse with Purpose

Google - Provides accurate searches by using a PageRank technology to rank web pages based on how many similar sites link to them. Google also organizes search lists based on the physical proximity of the keywords to one another.

Custom Search

Alta Vista - Searches the full text of Web pages and Usenet news articles.


NationalDirectory - NationalDirectory was created to excel in the world of search engines. Less spamming. less repeating sites, less dead pages. A clean fine tuned engine for quick access to the information you want when you want it. 

Search Tips

Excite - Excite is unique because in addition to regular search features, it offers concept searching.


HotBot - Search Web sites, newsgroups, email addresses, and much more, plus browse a smaller selection of sites by category.


Aeiwi - When you make a search for a word, AEIWI finds all pages with that keyword and calculates which other keywords are most frequent on those pages. Then AEIWI displays the 100 first of these keywords.

Lycos - The Lycos search engine focuses on popular sites, so if you're looking for a scientific or technical topic try another search tool.

Yahoo - Yahoo has over 1 million sites listed. Yahoo also supplements its results with those from Google. If a search fails to find a match within Yahoo's own listings, then matches from Google are displayed. 

[ Yahoo! ] options

For help finding a specialty search engine - one that searches only the sites likely to have what you need, for the exact data that you want, visit the Search Engine Guide or Search Engines Net.

TracerLock isn't a search engine itself, but a tool for you to use to track down new information on other sites. TracerLock automatically alerts you via e-mail when a new site mentioning your keywords appears.

Manta is the largest free source of information on small companies, helping business professionals promote their business, sell faster and make business connections.


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AdvancedSearch Bar - The Advanced Searchbar is a FREE award winning toolbar that enables you to search over 100 search engines and is loaded with features that make searching and browsing the Internet easier than ever. The Advanced Searchbar has more features than the Google, Yahoo and MSN toolbars combined. No other toolbar has as many features. 

Dogpile - Dogpile is a meta-search engine; it will simultaneously send your query to multiple search engines and present the results to you. Dogpile starts with the search engine that provides the most focused results, allows you to select which search engines you want to use, and allows advanced syntax searches.

MetaCrawler - This meta-search engine queries the Web's most popular engines for you, collates and verifies the results.

Search.com - Search.com from c|net allows you to search over 250 engines, listed by subject areas. It does not allow you do a multiple engine search with a single command.

WebFerret - WebFerret provides a handy and efficient way to find information on the Web. Enter your search words and choose from four radio buttons: All keywords, Any keyword, Exact phrase, or Boolean Expression. WebFerret will use your Internet connection to check several popular search engines (Alta Vista, AOL NetFind, EuroSeek, Excite, GOTO, Infoseek, LookSmart, Lycos, and Yahoo) and return the maximum amount of links you specify. Other nice features let you specify the closeness of the match, remove duplicates, and filter pornography and foul language. The results are returned in a sortable list format, complete with ToolTips that give you a little more information about a site. Just double-click on a link to bring up your browser and launch the page. WebFerret is fast, easy to use, and (thanks to banner ads) free.

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