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Tips and Terms

Sometimes understanding the help you find involves understanding the lingo of the technology. These links give definition to the terms you'll most likely encounter. 


These links offer working tips to make your computing experience the most it can be.

Computer Tips - Free website offering search for tips by topic.

Emazing.com - FREE daily tips on more than 100 different topics including the Internet, health & fitness, home repair, dieting, and cooking!

Computer Free Tips - This website has been created to help you solve your computer problems. We offer a wide range of Free computer tips, hints, and tricks to help you tackle today's competitive and often confusing world of computing.


FOLDOC: Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing - FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing.

Guide to Computer Acronyms - A list of commonly used acronyms that every computer user should be familiar with, complete with concise definitions and pronunciations.

Lingo2word - Text Message Dictionary, Find new fun Txt messages, improve your Texting Lingo, Translate text messages to and from lingo.

Online computer dictionary - with pictures appropriate for new users of any age

Webopedia - an online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


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